Choose a bookkeeper that’s useful to you.

Mieja Administration is established to help you as a self-employed in the area of your financial administration. You lose a lot of valuable time by doing your accounting and taxes yourself. Mieja happily takes this over from you.
The knowledge required for the different taxes can better be left to a specialist. Mieja makes sure that your accounting is done correctly so you can spend more time on your own job. Also, Mieja gladly assists private individuals, for example with the annual tax declaration.
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Our package of service is everything you need as a small business owner or private individual, so you don’t have to worry about your administration anymore. For example, doing your accounting and tax returns, but also preparing financial statements, making invoices, income tax declaration, etc. Extra services are also possible on demand. See the Services page for a more detailed explanation.

Enjoy the benefits of Mieja.