Who is Mieja

My name is Mieke Jansen, born and raised in Bergeijk, a small town in The Netherlands. After high school I went into family care. In 2003 I received my grade in Basic Accounting. I’ve been at work at different offices, where I took care of the administration, containing: accounting, taking care of tax returns, debtor- and creditor management and debt collection.

The choice to start Mieja

In 2016 I followed the training Assistant Controller, after which I started my own administration office in August 2017. Namely, Mieja Administratie, located at the Industrieweg 6 in Bergeijk.

I love to take care of the accounting for small business owners and to take this extra work out of their hands, so they can focus on their own work. I also like to handle the annual income tax declaration for private individuals.

It gives me a good feeling to be able to help people.

Mieke Pollaert

Extra hands

Since April 1st 2021 my daughter Iris also works at Mieja Administratie, causing Mieja Administratie to officialy be a family business.

Iris has been employed as an administrative employee and assists me with doing the accounting of our customers.

If I can be of service you can contact me without obligation.